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A little bit about us...

Andrea - Archetype

I have been an avid dog and animal lover my whole life.  Having met my first Bull Terrier when I was five years old, the happy, clownish bully was forever imprinted in my mind.  Years later, when I decided to get back into showing, I knew what breed I wanted to share my life with. I got my first bull terrier from a top Silverwood winning kennel, and although Star did not turn out as I would have hoped, Star's virtues hooked me on the breed (bottom left photo).   

For 15 years, I co-chronicled the breed through the BULL TERRIER YEARBOOK.  Unfortunately, with the age of online media, 2017 was the last year this labour of love was created.


I enjoy giving back to the breed doing committee work and through judging.  I am proud to have served on the South Eastern Counties Bull Terrier Club committee from 2003 to present, first as the editor, then becoming the Show Manager, next Secretary, Judge's Subcommittee Chairman and lastly the Club Chairman.  I have judged in the UK (Bournemouth Ch Show, Southern Counties Ch Show, Welsh KC Ch Show, BTC, BTCW, EABTC, N&DDBTC, NEBTC, NPBTC, SECBTC & SMBTC), Argentina, Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and USA.  See our judging page for photos.

I am proud of show ring accomplishments with my dogs and those I bred that live with friends and other breeders. From 2003 to 2020, I bred and competed under the UKUSA affix.  In 2008, I proudly showed my homebred bitch to win the prestigious Regent Trophy! Since then, I have had luck to produce over 20 champions in the UK and abroad and over 15 UK studbook numbers. Since 2020, I have been breeding and competing under the ARCHETYPE and BULLWITCHES affixes. To date, I have two new  studbook numbers as well as having an ARCHETYPE bitch win Best Puppy of the Year for 2023. Fingers crossed for continued success with ARCHETYPE & BULLWITCHES BULL TERRIERS!

Last but not least, my true passion lies within the breeding of my beloved Bull Terriers.  Health, temperament, conformation and genetics (both phenotypically and genotypical) are paramount to every decision I make. Although I turn into a big nerd when discussing my breeding programme, I love speaking to like minded people and especially my partner, Sylvain, about the future of the breed.

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Sylvain - Bullimpact

It was during my childhood, while watching the television series “Baa Baa Black Sheep” like many people of my generation, that I discovered the Bull Terrier. To my great regret, it took a few years before I was finally able to get my first Bull Terrier. It was in 1999, that I acquired Pepper (Ch.Pepper des deux Mandragores). It was with him and thanks to his success in exhibitions that I gradually discovered the world of purebred dogs. Pepper ended his International career at the 2006 French championship where he won the “Best of Breed”.

After a long period of reflection, it was with conviction that I decided to launch into the “passion of breeding”. But it was only once I had gathered sufficient knowledge and the best possible breeding conditions that I looked for females who would be the basis of my future breeding. Imported from Sweden and England, my first two bitches became international champions in turn, Ch.Aricon Eye Decline and Ch.Garstang Princess of the Night.

I have bred occasionally since 2007, under the BULLIMPACT affix, when my professional availability allows me. I have had the pleasure to produce some beautiful coloured Bull Terriers, of which several have become French and International Champions.

My goal has alway
s been to produce healthy puppies with good characters in compliance with the standard. Our puppies, like our adults, grow up and live in a fine environment with all the attention and care they deserve. Our bull terriers are of excellent quality and are tested for health problems.

From 2005 to 2013, I have been a member of the Bull Terrier Committee "CFABAS" and responsible for the standard Bull Terrier breeding commission from 2007. The main concern for me and my colleagues was to set up screening protocols in partnership with veterinary schools and laboratories. We also conducted ultrasound screening campaigns for kidney and heart problems, as well as several BAER testing campaigns that allowed us to establish representative statistics for Bull Terriers in France.

My training as a judge started in 2008.  I began with the Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier Miniature, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Today, I also judge the majority of the other breeds of Terriers.  I have had the great pleasure to be invited to judge Bull Terriers in Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Belgium and UK for Breed Specialty Shows, Championships, CETS and Grand Prix.
  See our judging page for photos.

It is always a pleasure to share one's passion with exhibitors, breeders and owners.

My leitmotiv:
"One of the things I have learned over the years is the difference between taking your work seriously and taking yourself seriously. The first condition is imperative and the second disastrous."
                                                               - Margaret Fonteytive

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